Hankai Industry Co., Ltd. has been succeeded in the field of plant engineering for more than 60 years since its foundation dealing with mainly designing, construction, jigs, safety fence production, remodeling of existing equipment, equipment loading/unloading, and maintenance.
In addition to minimizing on-site construction and greatly reducing the burden on customers, we unit an equipment, pumps, and piping so that the necessary equipments are able to be stored in the smallest space.
We also positively introduce the latest technologies such as three-dimensional measurement and data processing/utilization systems so that we can ensure safety and find issues relevant in planning seeking for efficient and accurate construction planning.
By combining the latest digital technologies into the advanced craftsmanship technologies and knowledge that we had cultivated so far, we can reliably meet various requests which is both small-scale construction and large-scale construction.

Craftsman technology cultivated over many years
and the latest digital technology

We can undertake anything relevant in plant construction from measurement to delivery in a lump. In addition, we positively focus on safety and high efficiency of work, such as three-dimensional measurement with 3D scanner and delivery by unit production, and we are providing a comprehensive plant engineering service combined with conventional craftsman technologies and high precision digital technologies.