Our company was founded in 1948 and has been consistently engaged in the engineering of factory plants. It has been 70 years since we inherited the technology and spirit of our predecessors, and the times have changed from Showa and Heisei to Reiwa. Even in this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the basis of technologies has not changed and we has a responsibility to transfer the pride of our ancestors to the future.
Now, we are actively engaged in skid construction methods incorporating the latest 3D design technology, based on throughout years of experience and technologies. Our value is to pursue requests of our all customers with the utmost and to pursue well-being of all employees both physically and spiritually. The Japanese traditional culture and spirituality that we have inherited since ancient times must remain important. However, by sensitizing the needs of the times and proactively adopting new technologies, competition is created, refined, and leads to the future. We will continue to make every effort, as keep the idea of "不易流行 (to get a breath of fresh air whilst being eternal)" in mind.
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Hankai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Shigeki Nishida

Basic principle

The origin of manufacturing is the feeling of being glad to make the other person happy.

Management philosophy

Pursue both physically and mentally well-being of all employees.
Strive to formulate the dignify and to improve personality of all employees.
Being committed to the development of our client companies through manufacturing.
Love the country and the local area and contribute to society.